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 K�rklasse 1

HD-Grad: A, CEA-PRA-Katarakt-frei/2008

Sergeant Pepper's Just Lookin' Jester

Multi Ch.

Orsay de Chester

Ch. Hell Narciso de Chester

Moonhill 's Arrondera Classic

Encore de Gouth-Noire

Ch. Jimagine de Chester

Ch Figaro de Gouth-Noire

Candy de Gouth-Noire

Sergeant Pepper's Great Little Thing

Sergeant Pepper's Dust in the wind

Hidden Farms Pavia

Classic Peppermint Paddy

Sergeant Pepper's Fist Love Affair

Bonny and Clyd's Bommer the little Crook

Eternal Flame of Happy Island

Jolly Adventure Activ Black Beauty

Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle

Ch Brigadoon`s Wizard of Oz

Ch Auldscotia Watch Out

Ch Brigadoons Party Dolla

Ch Daybar Shaken not Stirred

Ch Sheilings Nonesuch Spirit

Ch Brigadoon`s Gotta Have it

Hillbilly Keep Going Kelsey

Int. Dt. Ch. VDH & Dt. Jgdch. Nobility Herby the Heartbreaker

Int. Dt. & VDH-Ch. Dearbolt Christopfer Robin

Int. Ch. Dt. &Dt. CH (VDH) Z.-Esgn. & Dt. Jgdch. Easy Expression the Nobility

Hillary of little sheep garden

Sergeant Peppers�s Everybody�s Sunshine

Hillbilly Eartquake Eartha